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After you close escrow and move in, you will discover problems with your Atlanta home, even if it’s brand new and no one has ever lived in it before. Not “might discover” or “possibly discover,” but “WILL DISCOVER.” That is because you are buying a piece of real estate, and real estate changes on a daily basis, sometimes even on an hourly basis, in response to changing weather conditions, neglect, daily use, and even lack of daily use. All of those things are called home ownership. Answers about many of those conditions can be found in Atlanta Home Inspection Library.

I’m hoping that you will call me if you experience problems after the home inspection. I’m here to help you, and I will go out of my way to help you. But I won’t pay for things that broke or failed simply because they broke or failed. That’s not the purpose of a home inspection; that’s what insurance is for. I will help you determine why something failed and what you might need to do to ensure that your insurance will honor a claim. Remember that insurance companies are in business to make money, in other words, to bring in more income as premiums than they pay out in claims. So just because they initially deny your claim does not mean that that is the definitive decision. Atlanta Realtors like to say that real estate is about “location, location, location.” Well, I like to say that property inspections are about “communication, communication, communication.” So please contact me if you’re having problems with your piece of Atlanta real estate, if you have any questions or concerns, or if I can help in any way, please.

The following subjects are meant to help you understand both the home inspection and responsible home ownership. However, if you have any questions or concerns, or if I can help in any way, please contact me. I like to think outside the box when helping my Clients! Simply click on the following subjects that you would like to read about. Links are in underlined blue text. Note that a couple of the subjects are in bold green text, indicating that there is no associated link. Some of the subjects should be read now, before your home inspection contingency period expires, but certainly before close of escrow. They are explicitly identified for you using bold red text, and links were also provided in your email report. Again, if you have any questions, please contact me.

   Marietta inspector - Home basics inspectio knowledge base  


I follow InterNACHI Standards Of  Practice. This portion of Inspection Home Basics explains many of the aspects of a home inspection. It explains what I do and why I do it, what I can and can’t do as a member of InterNACHI, and, when it comes to personal injury and property damage, what I will and won’t do. It should answer many of the questions you may have about home inspections and what home inspectors look for. If, however, you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact me anytime.

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Blame the home inspector
Building codes
Common components and common areas - Helpful information if you are buying a condominium, townhome, PUD, or other property with common areas or common components.
Conditions at the time of the inspection
Excessive furnishings, storage, maintenance, debris
Excessive deferred maintenance
Property Inspection Standards
Safety Issues
Testing Methods and Further Evaluation

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Atlanta Home Inspection - Your Atlanta Inspector

Code Of Ethics
Contact information
Home Inspection Service agreement - This is an unsigned copy of my standard service agreement. It sets the scope of what I have tried to do for you through my property services, telling you what I do and don’t do, what I can and can’t do as a member of InterNACHI, and, when it comes to personal injury and property damage, what I will and won’t do. A signed copy  will be provided to you after the inspection. Check your email report for instructions on how to obtain it. You should review your service agreement before your home inspection contingency period expires
and contact me if you have any questions or concerns about what I have done for you.
Home Inspectors As Movers
Resume - J Christopher Weise
Trade Associations
When Things Go Wrong (also known as home ownership) - Explains why things go wrong in your home after the property inspection.

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Atlanta Home Inspection - Your Inspection Report  

Copyright of the property report
Discussion prior to report - You should read this before your home inspection contingency period expires.
Errors in your property inspection report
Guaranty, Warranty or Insurance - A property inspection report is not a guaranty, warranty or insurance? Manufacturers and home builders typically provide a one-year warranty or guaranty on things that are brand new, so I’m certainly not going to provide an indefinite warranty or guaranty on something that I merely looked at for a few minutes and used the standard operator controls to turn on and off.
Questions about your property report - The best person to ask is the person who provided the information: me!
When should I read my report? - You should read your complete property report before your purchase contract contingency periods expire.
Why I’m not specific
Missing items
Appliance package - Keep valuable insurance information about your appliances and equipment in this handy package.
Consumer Product Safety Commission product recalls and safety concerns
- You should read this before your home inspection contingency period expires.
Home Basics - Table of Contents

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Home Inspection - Inspecting Specific Items And Systems

Bathrooms - Bathtub Overflows, Shower PansBathroom Exhaust Fans
Cable Outlets
Carpet Floors
Ceiling fans
Chimney Inspection
Circuit Breakers

Cracks - Concrete
Cracks - Drywall

Deck Inspections
Detached structures
Drainage Cleanout Caps
Electric Wiring, Breakers, Outlets
Electric Service Capacity
Faucets and Drains, Functional Flow
Fireplaces and Franklin Stoves
Floor Covering and Sub-Floors
Gas Pilot Lights


Heating and Cooling
Lights and Switches

Non-standard systems
Plumbing Cleanout Caps
Recessed Lighting
Safety Glass, Tempered
Shower Pans
Shutoff Valves

Smoke Alarms
Solar Tubes and Skylights
Structure Exterior
Structure Interior
Telephone Jacks
Trash Compactors

Valves and Gas Pilot Lights
Vinyl Floors
Water Heater

Water Shutoff Valves
Wood Floors

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 Understanding Your Atlanta Home and Home Maintenance  

A )
AFCI electric circuit breakers
Attic Furnace Drain Pans

B )
Better Business Bureau
Business Associations

C )
Carbon Monoxide
Cast Iron Drain Pipes
Caulking And Grouting
Central Cleaning Systems
Chemical Storage In Sink Cabinets
Cost Guide - Inspector Locator
Countertop Microwaves

D )
Deck Construction
Door Openers, Garage Vehicle
Dryers - Personal property
Dryers - Laundry

E )
Electric Panels
Energy Savings
Environmental Hazards
Exhaust Fans, Bathroom

F )
Fire Door and Walls - Garage
Fire Suppression Systems
Free-Standing Appliances

G )
Garage Doors and Garage SafetyGarages
GFCI outlets
GFCI and Safety Tools

H )

I )

Inspection Types
Intercom Systems
Irrigation Systems

J )

K )

Knob And Tube Wiring

L )
Landscape Lighting Systems
Laundry Area
Lead Paint
Life Expectancy Table
Life Expectancy Study
Low-Flow Faucets
Low-Flow Shower Heads
Low-Flow Toilets

M )
Microwaves, Countertop
Mold and Mold Remediation

N )
Newer Home Or Older Home?

O )
Occupied And Furnished Home
Older Structure
Older Brass Connectors

P )
Permits And Permit History
Plasma Televisions
Playground Equipment
Pre-Closing Checklist
Property Report

Q )

R )
Recall and safety concern research
Recalls - How To Search

Renovated or being renovated
Repair costs

S )
Safety glass in doors and windows
Security systems
Shower heads, low-flow
Sink and Sink Cabinets
Skylights and solar tubes
Solar heating systems
Space heaters
Standards of practice
Stereo systems
Swimming pool

T )
Taking care of your home
Toilets, low-flow

U )
Understanding your roof
Unplugging equipment, testing            outlets, or dismantling            equipment
Utility Meters and Main Shut Off            Controls

V )
Vacant residence

W )
Wall Hangings, Mirrors, Paneling,              Paper
Washer and Dryer - Personal              Property
Washer and Dryer - Laundry              Room
Water filters
Water heater
Water Heater Explosion                Water modification systems
Water Service Pressure
Water purifiers
Water softeners
Window air conditioners

X, Y, Z )

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 Miscellaneous Narratives  

Gas service - Recommend safety check of all gas-using appliances before close of escrow. Gas and electric companies typically, but not always, conduct this service free of charge.

Grease - An accumulation of grease in the kitchen (vent fan and surfaces) can harbor various germs and bacteria and can result in grease fires. Recommend frequently cleaning the fan, filter, and surfaces to prevent grease from accumulation and causing health problems.

Information about your home - Some information about your home was acquired from the United States Postal Service web site and public records accessed through the Multiple Listing Service and Realist. You should verify all information to your satisfaction.

InterNational Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Introduction - You  should read this before your home inspection contingency period expires.
Real estate transfer disclosures - Neither the property report nor any part of the property report shall be construed as a substitute for any disclosures required by Georgia Real Estate Law, and it is not intended to relieve any person or entity from providing any Real Estate Transfer Disclosure Statements as laws may require.

Referral Rewards Program - All of my inspections are eligible for my Referral Rewards Program. Read about how you can earn all of your inspection fee back, and then some!

Service Area

If you have any questions about anything, simply contact me.

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                                (Many thanks to Russel Ray, Property Consultant for providing of many of these narratives.) 

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