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Atlanta Georgia Commercial Investor Inspections And Property Consultation

 The needs of an Atlanta property investor wanting an  “Investor  Consultation"  can vary as much as the  types and  conditions  of the properties they are  interested in.

 A Atlanta commercial investor may only need a heating,  plumbing,  electrical,  foundation and roof  inspection  or may  need a  more thorough  commercial  inspection of the overall  condition.

 A Atlanta commercial Atlanta-investor money-imageinvestor familiar with a  property  may  only  want a  second pair of  eyes to  give  a different  perspective on the
 property   with  out  requiring a written  report.  An out of  town  commercial  investor may  want a  very   detailed  report  with  many photographs  to get  a  strong  impression  without  ever  seeing the  property.

 A office condo may just  need a basic  building  inspection or multi-story  office building may  require  a detailed technical  inspection by a team  of experts.

 An office building is very different than a 10,000  square  foot  warehouse or a fifty room motel.

 A commercial investor may want a complete  commercial  inspection  following all the  InterNACHI Commercial Standards  Of Practice  including document review,  ADA requirements, fire  safety compliance  and an entire team of experts to  evaluate  every aspect of the buildings’  condition or atlanta-investor-image2 may only need a  simple  “drive-by”.

 Because of the diverse needs and  requirements of commercial investor  inspections the scope of the buildings  evaluation needs to be discussed  before a  price can be determined.

 Please contact me so we can determine  your  needs and tailor a commercial  inspection  and price to fit those goals. 

Why should an Atlanta Commercial Investor purchase a inspection?

Simple.  When the Atlanta Commercial Investor has a very good idea about the condition of the property and what major repair requirements will likely be encountered before the property can be used for income purposes, then the Commercial Investor can negotiate with confidence.  This breaks down to an acquisition process with fewer problems and less time invested for unexpected problems.

The Atlanta Commercial Investors Inspection is absolutely confidential (at the decision of the Investor).  Is the Investor automatically required to disclose the Investors Inspection?  No, however some of the items included in the Investors Inspection may be requested by the mortgage lender.

If the Commercial Investor determines repairs are necessary from the information on the Investors Property Inspection report, then the Investor has time to solicit competitive bids to get a problem resolved quickly without the expense of lost income. Delayed repairs cost the Investor more money to eventually resolve.
What often surprises a Atlanta Commercial Investor about this special Inspection?

The great detail in which the investor's Inspection helps the Investor!  Depending on the scope of the inspection chosen, the investors inspection is not going to find every minor concern or malfunction.  Upscale Home Inspections Investor’s Inspection does not concern itself with cosmetic or minor repairs. It is designed to identify major problems (if any). Not pick the property apart in a negative report.  The major items discovered that need repair or improvement during the transaction are what complicates the sale, not the little stuff.

A Walk Through or Ask and Answer Consultation

A "walk through" is a good choice for an investor who has not yet made a purchase offer. It is a visual and oral consultation with the investor that provides a “second pair of trained eyes” to observe conditions the investor may overlook. It does not provide a written report or photographs.

A Stand Alone Commercial Inspection

A Stand Alone home or Commercial Inspection is a spot inspection of a specific individual system. An example being if you had specific concerns about a deck’s construction and only needed that particular item inspected.       

* The Investor is encouraged to bring to the attention of the Inspector any aspects of concern to the Investor for resolution or inclusion into the inspection report.

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